Top 10 Reasons to Present

There are always great reasons to present at the Technology Fall Conference at SUNY Oswego, which include:

  1. Share your ideas with and give back to the Technology and Engineering Education (TEE) Community

  2. Appreciation from the Department of Technology and TEE Community

  3. A Technology Innovation Showcase that reaches a large audience and does not require a formal presentation. The “poster session” was started through requests from teachers in the field; please consider participating.

  4. A variety of laboratories for double-session workshops (you can hold a make and take workshop)

  5. Meet others interested in your topic

  6. All presenters receive automatic complimentary registration, which includes the Thursday evening conference reception dinner

  7. An online program that you can include in an activity report or electronic portfolio

  8. A conference support staff ready to help presenters with all their needs

  9. Friendly instructional technology to present with (all presentation rooms are equipped with computer, projector, and screen)

  10. Applying to present only takes a few minutes. Please consider completing the presentation form today.

2017 Presentation Folders are Now Available

Presentation with Presenter Folder

Thanks to the presenters for providing these valuable resources to conference attendees and the technology and engineering education community.

If you use any of the resource files, please take time to email the presenters a note on how you are using them.

Look for and click folder buttons in the online program below the presenter(s) name(s)

Presenter Folder Icon

Presenter Folder Icon