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Technology Innovation Showcase Proposal

Many times technology educators become technological innovators when they develop unique materials, processes, or practices. When the rest of the technology education community becomes aware of the innovation, everyone benefits as a result. The Technology Innovation Showcase provides a forum to feature an idea, technique, tools/equipment, research, or best practices related to classroom learning activities, student/professional organizations, marketing materials, laboratory design/aids, program design, or classroom and laboratory management techniques.

The Technology Innovation Showcase is an exhibition of innovative practices in technology and/or technology education, and may include a poster display, technological artifacts/inventions, technological activities, student projects/activities, design plans, and multimedia displays, etc.  Don’t miss the opportunity to display in the Technology Innovation Showcase at the Technology Fall Conference this year.


Information and Guidelines

Please make a note of the following items related to the Technology Innovation Showcase:

  1. Please view showcase titles (this will take a few seconds to load) and innovators from last time it was held.

  2. The Technology Innovation Showcase will take place on Friday, October 25th from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. All innovators must be with their display during this time to answer questions from visitors. No regular presentations will be held during this time. Coffee and donuts/bagels will be available.

  3. All displays must be set up by 8:30 am on Friday, and packed up and removed by the start of the afternoon sessions. Our students will be glad to assist you with unpacking, setting up, and returning your display to your vehicle.

  4. All displays will receive an approximately 10′ by 10′ space, with or without a table as desired. There will be plenty of empty floor space or air space for those technological artifacts that need to move or fly around.

  5. We cannot provide any equipment, projectors, or monitors, etc. Please remember to charge your laptop or other devices needed for the display. We will provide an electrical hook up when possible and if requested. Wireless Internet will be available.

  6. All displays are to be non-commercial. If you are marketing a product for profit, please register for a commercial exhibitor’s space.

  7. Teachers are encouraged to involve their students in the showcase display as appropriate. All public school students directly participating in the showcase will receive a complimentary lunch and a campus tour.

  8. Electronic Resources: Help us “go green” by providing electronic resources. Directly after the conference we will call for any electronic resources and provide you with a folder where you can upload files. You may provide electronic resource files related to your showcase, such as photographs/short video clips, posters, student work, activity sheets, teacher-made products, brochures, handouts, or any other item that you would like to share. Further information on making your resources available electronically will be provided at a later date. All conference attendees will be sent a link to the resources following the conference.
    We cannot provide photocopy services. Please do not bring copies to hand out; please make resources available electronically.

    View the online program from the last showcase to see examples of electronic resources and get ideas on resource files that you might include.  Further information on making your resources available electronically will be provided at a later date (files are submitted shortly after the conference).

  9. Please note that showcase authors and titles will be distributed to conference attendees. Authors, titles, descriptions, and resources may be published to the Technology Fall Conference web site.

  10. Complimentary Registration: All innovators are registered for the conference once their proposal is accepted. To show our appreciation, all innovators presenting receive a complimentary conference registration!!! You do not need to register for the conference; check in at the registration table to pick up your nametag.

  11. The 2019 presentation form (for all presentation types).
    Note make sure to check Technology Innovation Showcase in the proposal form.