Common Core and STEM

This is an example presentation related to one of conference theme and strands this year:

Realize that everything connects to everything else –Leonardo da Vinci.

How are Socrates, da Vinci, Johann Pestalozzi, Edward Austin Sheldon, Buckminster Fuller, Janine Benyus, and Theodor Seuss Geisel connected? How are the Common Core Learning Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards connected to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), to these individuals, and to students in our education system? This presentation will attempt to answer these questions and feature the activities that use NATURE to bring Common Core and STEM education into classrooms and improve learning outcomes. A work in progress, always remembering: “Nature is trying very hard to make us succeed . . .” (Buckminster Fuller).


Common Core in a Technology and Engineering Education Curriculum

How does technology education fit into the Common Core picture or how do Common Core Standards fit into the technology education picture? Which comes first?

Attend a session that will provide assistance with incorporating Common Core Standards into the technology education hands-on, minds-on curriculum. Reading, writing, speech, math – all may be confusing and daunting in a program filled with existing requirements, but a conversation with others and suggested activities and assessments can lessen the stress.

VEX, VEX, and more VEX

If you have been considering getting started with VEX robotics, then you NEED to attend the Fall Conference this year! We will have several presentations to show you how to get started. We will have hands-on workshops where you can build and program with the VEX platform.  We will have VEX vendors that can answer questions about products. We will even be hosting an official high school and college VEX Competition – so you can even bring your whole team if you already participate in VEX!



2012 GAGET Thread Example

Here is an example presentation this year in the GAGET (Gizmos, Apps and Gadgets for Engineering and Technology) thread, which is being presented by Mike Amante and Ryan Orilio, who are leaders in innovative instruction in their school systems and seasoned veterans at presenting at the Technology Fall Conference. Great topic.

iPad: Practical Tips
The iPad offers a whole new world of options for teaching and learning in today’s classroom. During this session, you will learn from two technology teachers how this device can be used to deliver instruction wirelessly, extend learning in your classroom through web-based instruction, and increase teacher productivity.

Visit our present page to see a list of this year’s conference threads.

2012 Experience More: Conference Threads

Our conference theme is Technology Education for All: K-16. To increase program offerings, in addition to our strong middle school and high school topics, we are encouraging topics in the following conference threads.

  • Common Core and/or Student Learning Objectives (SLO)
  • Technology Education for Grades K-5
  • GAGET: Gizmos, Apps and Gadgets for Engineering and Technology
  • Sustainability
  • “Hands On” Workshops (2 hours in length)

Please present in one of these threads or select any topic that you think will be of interest to conference attendees.