VEX, VEX, and more VEX

If you have been considering getting started with VEX robotics, then you NEED to attend the Fall Conference this year! We will have several presentations to show you how to get started. We will have hands-on workshops where you can build and program with the VEX platform.  We will have VEX vendors that can answer questions about products. We will even be hosting an official high school and college VEX Competition – so you can even bring your whole team if you already participate in VEX!



2013 Technology Innovation Showcase


Here is one of the Technology Innovation Showcase (TIS) displays that you will see at this year’s conference. The showcase is Friday morning, Oct 25 from 9:00 – 10:30, and a great place to display student work, innovative ideas/processes/products, etc. Consider entering a 2013 TIS proposal.

Cheap Design: Chairs from Cardboard

This showcase will present the most innovative student chair designs from ART 106: Design Concepts II-3D. For this assignment students designed and created a functional chair out of new, found, and recycled cardboard. As a precursor for the assignment, students researched and studied different structural systems, as well as contemporary works of architecture.


Presentation Files 2012 Now Available

Presentation Files

Presentation files provided are now accessible via the online program.

Thanks to presenters for providing these valuable resources to conference attendees and the technology and engineering education community. Look for and click folder buttons below online program presentation descriptions.

Presentation Folder Button

Look for and click the presentation folder button below presentation descriptions.

2012 Popular MS Topic Returns

Photo of an Example Middle School Project

Photo of an Example Middle School Project

This presentation was standing room only last year and it returns with all new projects that can be implemented into a middle school program.

6 Great Middle School Activities
Last year at the Technology Fall Conference, a similar program was given. These projects are different. Those who teach Middle School Technology know that student projects and activities need to satisfy many criteria. A good activity needs to be engaging, interdisciplinary, appropriate for all student abilities, inexpensive, and appropriate for your technology lab. Six Middle School activities will be presented that satisfy these criteria.

Visit our present page to submit a presentation proposal.

Technology Innovation Showcase Returns

Technology Innovation Showcase Returns for 2012

2011 Showcase Example: FIRST Robotics at Liverpool High School

2011 Showcase Example: FIRST Robotics at Liverpool High School

The Technology Innovation Showcase (TIS) was a large success in 2011, so it is back by popular demand for the 2012 conference. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity for 2012 to show the innovative things you are doing with technology or your students.

  • Make sure you apply today by filling out this short proposal form.
  • To get a feel for the variety and possibilities, please see the 2011 and 2012 Showcase Titles.

2012 GAGET Thread Example

Here is an example presentation this year in the GAGET (Gizmos, Apps and Gadgets for Engineering and Technology) thread, which is being presented by Mike Amante and Ryan Orilio, who are leaders in innovative instruction in their school systems and seasoned veterans at presenting at the Technology Fall Conference. Great topic.

iPad: Practical Tips
The iPad offers a whole new world of options for teaching and learning in today’s classroom. During this session, you will learn from two technology teachers how this device can be used to deliver instruction wirelessly, extend learning in your classroom through web-based instruction, and increase teacher productivity.

Visit our present page to see a list of this year’s conference threads.

2012 Call For Presenters – Oswego Fall Conference

This is a copy of the Technology Fall Conference List Serve note sent on Sept 13:


The 73rd Annual Fall Conference

This October 25 and 26 the Department of Technology will host its 73rd
Technology Education Fall Conference at SUNY Oswego. The conference is
open to all K-16 educators/professionals, who want to explore this
years theme of Technology Education for All: K-16, or find out the
latest developments in technology education and related fields.
Approximately 500 attendees will enjoy 50 plus program presentations,
a technology innovation showcase, and numerous vendor displays.

Please consider presenting in a regular session on technology
education, engineering education, or related fields. We are
encouraging presentations that relate to this years theme of
Technology Education for All: K-16. In addition to our usual general
interest topics, we are actively seeking presentations that support
the following five threads that will be available to conferees.

– Common Core and/or Student Learning Objectives (SLO).
– Technology Education for Grades K-5.
– GAGET: Gizmos, Apps and Gadgets for Engineering and Technology.
– Sustainability.
– Hands On Workshops (2 hours in length).

Our fall conference is a friendly place to present. If you have a neat
activity, course, project, product, or research findings that fit
within our theme or support one of the five threads, please consider
presenting. To apply, simply fill out the forms available at: Proposal deadline for presenters and
innovators is October 8, 2012. The conference registration fee of
$45 is waived for presenters!

Returning to the conference this year is the very popular ninety
minute Technology Innovation Showcase, which is an exhibition of
innovative practices in technology or technology education, and may
include a poster display, technological artifacts/inventions,
technological activities, student projects/activities, design plans,
and multimedia displays, etc. Don’t miss the opportunity to display in
the Technology Innovation Showcase this year.

If you have a commercial product, program, or service that you would
like to market, exhibitor booths are available for a reasonable fee.
Please visit for more information or to
reserve a booth.

Please consider sharing your talents, ideas, and resources with the
technology education community, and pass this request along to others
who may wish to innovate, present, or exhibit at the conference.

Mark Springston, Conference Program Chairperson

Dan Tryon, Conference Chairperson

To subscribe or unsubscribe an email address to the Technology Fall
Conference announcement list serve, please visit:
(please share this subscription link with colleagues who may wish to
be on the list).

2012 Experience More: Conference Threads

Our conference theme is Technology Education for All: K-16. To increase program offerings, in addition to our strong middle school and high school topics, we are encouraging topics in the following conference threads.

  • Common Core and/or Student Learning Objectives (SLO)
  • Technology Education for Grades K-5
  • GAGET: Gizmos, Apps and Gadgets for Engineering and Technology
  • Sustainability
  • “Hands On” Workshops (2 hours in length)

Please present in one of these threads or select any topic that you think will be of interest to conference attendees.