2020 Earn Professional Development (CTLE) Hours

Thank you for participating in the 81st Annual Fall Technology Conference. If you require either CTLE credits for certification or a certificate for participation verification, please complete the provided CTLE form through the process below. A maximum of 16.5 hours can be earned. Only registered and verified attendees for the conference will be eligible to apply.

  1. Download or save the below CTLE form for the Fall Conference. It is a PDF that can be filled out using Adobe Acrobat (Free Download) or printed and filled out by hand.
  2. Complete Section 1 on the first page with your identifying information.
  3. On page 2, check off the presentations that you attended. Add up the total number of minutes for the presentations attended and record it at the bottom of the page.
  4. Divide the number of minutes by 60 to determine the hours. Round them to the nearest ¼ hour.  Record the number of hours at the bottom of the page and in the Number of Hours Awarded space in Section II on the first page.
  5. Save or scan your form as a PDF. Please do not send pictures of your form. If the form is not legible, we will ask you to resubmit it. Many school photocopiers can scan a document and convert it to a PDF.
  6. Email the PDF to techdept@oswego.edu. We will return a signed copy to you and retain a copy for our required record keeping.
  7. The deadline for completing conference activities is November 6. The deadline for submitting your CTLE paperwork is November 13. Please only submit one form at the end of the conference.

Questions regarding your CTLE paperwork can be emailed to techdept@oswego.edu

CTLE Form Fall Conference 2020.pdf