2013 Presentation Opportunities

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Sharing the neat things you are doing in your classroom/technology program are great growth opportunities. Not only do you integrate and extend what you are doing with your students, you make connections with colleagues who have similar teaching interests or strategies. Whether you are an experienced presenter, or only wondered what is involved, we would like to get your proposal. It only takes a few minutes to craft one.

We have three opportunities to share this year: regular presentations, hands-on workshops, and the Technology Innovation Showcase. Many times a topic works great in both settings.

The Technology Innovation Showcase (TIS) is a high profile place for innovative technologies or innovative technology education practices. The 90-minute showcase that will allow you to dialogue with technologists and educators that have similar interests as you. Don’t miss this opportunity. Consider applying today for the showcase.

Our presentations and workshops have 74 years of history. Many of our experienced presenters will attest to the great growth experience it has been for them. All you need is a neat activity, course, project, product, or research findings, etc.

We have slots open, so please consider presenting; simply fill out the proposal form for presentations and workshops.