2013 Conference Theme Announced

Technology is the human built world designed through collaborations with math and science using sustainable practices. Join the Department of Technology to direct stem ENGAGEMENT toward a sustainable future.


Save the dates: Thursday, 24 October 2013 through Friday, 25 October 2013

Consider presenting using the following strands and points of reference as a guide to preparing your presentation. And, definitely plan to attend the conference.

Strands for Presentations

  • STEM in the Human-Built World
    Innovative strategies to implement K-12 programs and curricula. Focused sustainable best practices – societal, economic, environmental
  • STEM and Technology Education Core Ideas/Connections to Common Core and NGSS
    Delivering new standards through Technology and Engineering Education
    The role of T & E in interdisciplinary partnerships
  • Getting Students Engaged: Inspiration through STEM Collaborations
    Best practices to share with the STEM education communities through after- school programs, clubs, and competitions that are critical for meeting STEM needs for secondary and post-secondary preparation
  • STEM in the Education Pipeline
    Cross disciplinary paradigms in K-12 education
    Added value of inter-disciplinary/trans-disciplinary/cross-disciplinary STEM vs. individual STEM discipline studies

Presentation proposals will start being accepted in June.